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Stock Market Today :- Due to weakness in International stockmarkets domestic market is also beginning to decline. BSESensexdown 165 points 17 540 and NSE Nifty fell 48 points to 5279 are open.Capital goods, metals stocks have declined by 1 per cent. FMCG,banking, auto, realty, oil & gas, consumer durables, power sharesthe weakness of 0.25 to 0.75 per cent. JP Associates, Hero Motokorp,Coal India, Maruti Suzuki, SBI, M & M, Reliance Industries, ITC,Tata Motors, Jindal Steel, DLF, Tata Steel, Hindalco, L & T,Sterlite Industries is 0.5 to 3 per cent.   ICICIBank on Monday after sharp profit pressure seems.
Healthcare, IT,technical and government have ended in bank stocks. Sun Pharma,Wipro, ONGC, BHEL, Bajaj Auto, Bharti Airtel, HUL is firmly in the1.75 to 0.25 per cent. Debt crisis of European countries on Monday onconcerns over rising U.S. market fell 2.5 per cent. Around 1 percent, with weakness in Asian markets are trading.

Stock  Intraday Tips

TTK PrestigeSell For 2 Days,  Stoploss - 2700, Target - 2500.

Wipro Buy For 1 To 2 Days, Stoploss -  378, Target -  345. 

Bank of Baroda BuyFor 1 To 2 Days, Stoploss -  756,  Target -  810.

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Intraday Tips
StockMarket Today :- Sensex down 83 points, 17 721 and Nifty 33 pointsdown on 5328 levels. IT stocks is up 1 percent.   Strength is 0.5 per cent in technical and realty stocks.   Wipro results in better than expected 2.5 per cent is due. NTPC,Infosys, Hero Motokorp, Tata Steel, HUL, TCS, HDFC Bank, Bajaj Autois up in the 1:25 to 0:25 per cent. 1 per cent fall crude oil pricesimpact on oil and gas stocks is visible. Reliance Industries fallen 1cent, ONGC fallen 2 per cent , Kern India have fallen 1.5 per cent.  Weakness in base metals commodity market pressure onthe metal stocks. 2.5 per cent of Sterlite Industries, Nalco 1per cent, 1.5 per cent, Jindal Steel, Hindalco has slipped 2 percent. Auto stocks 2.5 per cent, Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors 3.25 percent, 1 per cent of M & M are weak. Consumer durables,healthcare, banks, power and capital goods and FMCG stocks alsofall. ICICI Bank, DLF, SBI, ITC, JP Associates, Cipla, HDFC,BHEL, Coal India, Tata Power, Sun Pharma is the weakness of the 0.5to 1.75 per cent.

StockIntraday Tips 31st October 2011

Axis Bank BuyFor 2 To 3 Days, Stoploss -  1130, Target -  1185.

IOB Buy For 2 To 3Days,  Stoploss - 93, Target -  106. 

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Intraday Tips
IntradayTips :- Eurozone'sdebt crisis is a spectacular debut on the tension in themarkets. Sensex up 383 points to open at 17 672 and Nifty up140 points to at 5342. After opening with strength level of 17908 touched the Sensex rose by 600 points. Midcap stocks are up 1.25per cent and 1 per cent of small-cap stocks.   Metalstocks have been most strongly. U.S. economic boom and recessionin Europe is expected to be moved to the Metal shares rose 5 percent. Hindalco 11.5 per cent, 6 per cent of Tata Steel, Jindal Steel5.75 per cent, 6.5 per cent of Sterlite Industries, Sesa Goa 3 percent, 2.5 per cent, pushing the cell. IT, tech, auto, bank stocks isthe strength of 3 per cent.   Capital Goods, Realty,Power, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Consumer durables, FMCG stocks is2.5 to 1 per cent faster. Tata Motors, ICICI Bank, JP Associates,Infosys, Wipro, L & T, DLF, TCS, Tata Power, Bharti Airtel, SBI,HDFC Bank, HDFC, Coal India, Hero Motokorp, Sun Pharma, ONGC,Reliance Industries in the 5.75 to 2 percent is strong. Stimuluspackage and economic statistics from the European Union's agreementto be good on Thursday, the U.S. market closed up 3 per cent. There'salso shopping in Asian markets. All Asian markets are trading ataround 1 per cent strength.

StockIntraday Tips 28 October 2011

Exide Industries BuyFor 3 To 4 Days, Stoploss -  107,Target -  121

Hindalco Buy For 5 To 7Days , Stoploss -  128, Target -  140

Intraday Tips

IntradayTips :- Due to weak international Market signals and RBI's creditpolicy review markets is a slowdown. Sensex up 74 points on 17013 and the Nifty gained 17 points are open on 5115. The NasdaqComposite gained 2.5 per cent, in the domestic IT companies arebuying huge stocks. Infosys 2 per cent, Hexaware 1.5 per cent,Mindtree 1 cent, TCS 1 per cent of, HCL Tech 0.75 per cent, Wipro isup 0.5 percent up. Bank, auto, oil & gas, realty, metal, FMCG andHealthcare stocks are showing strong light. Power, capital goodsand consumer durables stocks led the decline. Maruti Suzuki,Hindalco, ICICI Bank, Tata Steel, M & M, Tata Motors, DLF, BhartiAirtel, Jaiprakash Associates, Sun Pharma, Reliance Industries isfirmly in the 1.5 to 0.25 per cent. L & T, BHEL, ONGC, HeroMotokorp, Cipla, Coal India, NTPC, Bajaj Auto, Jindal Steel, HUL,Tata Power is in the 1.5 to 0.1 per cent. Being worked up by 1.5 percent to GAIL. However, despite poor results in shares ofSterlite Industries is up 2.5 percent. 

Due to worsethan expected results, Delta Corp shares have crashed more than 6 percent. NSE ban on trading of shares of 3 November Andhra news hasslipped 5 per cent cement.
Asian markets mixed businessseems. Shanghai Composite, Hang Sang, Jakarta Composite, StraitsTimes, Singapore Nifty is bullish. The Nikkei, Cospi and SeoulComposite are in red.

StockIntraday Tips 25 October 2011

LupinBuy For 2 To 3 Days, Stoploss - 466, Target - 488.

PatniComputer Buy For 2 To 3 Days, Stoploss - 321, Target - 353.

CanaraBank Sell For 2 To 3 Days, Stoploss – 446, Target - 413.

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IntradayTips :- Due to strong international signal Stock Market beginningwith 1.5 per cent at up. Sensex up 225 points 17 011 and Niftygained 65 points to open in 5115. Metal stocks in Europe hasrecovered from recession expected to be moved. Sterlite Ind 3.25 percent, 2 per cent of Sesa Goa, Tata Steel 2 per cent, 1.5 per cent ofSAIL, JSW Steel 3.5 per cent, Hindalco by 2 per cent are strong. Autostocks are showing gains of 1.5 percent. Tata Motors 3.25 percent, 2 per cent of Maruti Suzuki, Bajaj Auto 1 cent, 1 per cent of M& M, Hero Motokorp have climbed 1.25 per cent.  Bank, power, capital goods, FMCG and IT stocks have gained nearly 1percent.Realty, healthcare and consumer durables stocks are 0.25 to0.5 per cent stronger. Axis Bank's shares 2.5 percent due to goodresults faster. After reducing the pressure on L & T hasmaintained its guidance and shares close 0.5 percent weaker. 2-in-lawcharged in the scandal after Reliance Communications fell 0.5percent.The Unitech and DB Realty's shares gained 1.5 percent. Greeceand European countries on Friday of the rescue package is expected toimprove the situation soon was up in the U.S. markets. 2.5percent, Dow Jones, S & P 500 and Nasdaq Composite 2 per cent to1.5 per cent stronger. Strong signals from U.S. markets in the Asianmarkets is accelerating. Hang Sang 3.25 per cent, 2 per cent ofJakarta Composite, Seoul Composite 2.5 per cent, Taiwan 2.5 per centare strong. Nikkei, Straits Times and is up 1.5 per cent inCospi. Nifty in Singapore and Shanghai Composite has also green.

StockIntraday Tips 24 October 2011

Titan Industries BuyFor 2 To 4 Days,  Stoploss - Rs 218,Target - Rs 240.

Maruti Suzuki BuyFor 2 – 3 Days , Stoploss - Rs 1075,Target - Rs 1130.

InfosysTechnologies Buy For 2 – 3 Days, Stoploss - Rs 2680,Target - Rs 2820.

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Intraday Tips  :- TheStock markets opened on a small edge. Sensex up 39 points, 16976 and Nifty gained 15 points to open in 5107. However, withthe opening of the markets turned down. The Sensex and Nifty isa minor weakness. Most realty stocks led the decline. SEBI'sinvestigation have crashed around 3 per cent of the news DLF. Oil &Gas, IT, technology, banking, FMCG, power is the weakness instocks. State Bank stock, metal, healthcare, consumer durables,capital goods, auto shop looks. 
Expectedresults because of poor declined by 3 per cent of the shares in IndiaKern. Maruti Suzuki's Manesar plant because of the strike endingstocks are seen up 2.5 percent. BHEL, SBI, Sun Pharma, Coal India,Tata Steel, M & M, Bajaj Auto, TCS, L & T, Tata Motors, JPAssociates, Jindal Steel is up to the 1:25 to 0:25 per cent. RelianceIndustries, HUL, Infosys, Sterlite Industries, HDFC Bank, NTPC,Bharti Airtel are weak 0.5-1 per cent. To become a European stimuluspackage, mostly in the U.S. markets mixed trend.Asian markets aresluggish.

StockIntraday Tips 21 October 2011

AbanOffshore Buy For 1 To 2 Days, Stoploss - 402, Target - 416 -421,

Bank of India Buy For 1 To 2 Days, Stoploss - 329,Target - 340 – 344.

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Intraday Tips
IntradayTips :- European countries do not resolve the debt crisis causedmarkets to find out the weakness of the 1 per cent is to startwith. Sensex down 173 points 16 912 and the Nifty fell 53 pointsto open in 5086. Most of the impact of the global recession fear IT,is looking at technology stocks.IT, metal, technology, banking,capital goods stocks have declined by 1 per cent.Consumer durablesstocks have declined in the marketplace.   Polaris,Hexaware, Educomp, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, Mindtree, MphasiS is theweakness of the 2.5 to 1.5. Infosys, TCS, HCL Tech have fallen 1per cent. Metal stocks Sesa Goa has broken the most. Sesa Goa'sstock is down nearly 4 per cent. Sesa Goa had weakened 2.5percent on Wednesday. However, Jindal Steel, SAIL, JSW Steel,Coal India has climbed 1.5 per cent. Sun Pharma, Hero Motokorp, HDFCBank, Bajaj Auto, L & T, Bharti Airtel, DLF, JaiprakashAssociates, SBI, Tata Motors, Reliance Industries is up from 3.5 to1.25 per cent.

European countries on Wednesday to become thedisagreement over the stimulus package because of the decline in 0.5 percent, Dow Jones, S & P 500 1.25 per cent andthe Nasdaq Composite closed at 2 per cent.
Asian markets are alsoshowing the effect of the debt crisis of European countries. ShanghaiComposite 2 per cent, Hang Sang 2 per cent, 1.25 per cent Cospi,Nikkei Index 1 cent 1 cent and Taiwan are broken.

StockIntraday Tips For 20 October 2011

Hindalco Sell  Stoploss -  129, Target - 125 –124.

DLF Sell  Stoploss -  245,Target -  218.

REC Buy  Stoploss -  169, Target -  190. 

Intraday Tips

IntradayTips :- Due to strong global cues, Markets beginning with nearly 1per cent .Sensex up 135 points on 16 883 and the Nifty gained 43points 5080 are open. Intraday Tips Auto Stocks are showingstrong growth. Hero of the great repercussions of Motokorp stockhas gained 3.75 per cent. Bajaj Auto 2.5 per cent, 1 per cent ofBajaj Auto, Maruti Suzuki are sharp 0.5 per cent.

Metal, realty,bank, consumer durables stocks is the strength of 1 per cent. Capitalgoods, IT, Power, Oil & Gas and Healthcare are showing a 0.5 percent faster.FMCG stocks are moderately fast. 
DLF, JindalSteel, Sterlite Industries, SBI, JP Associates, ICICI Bank, BHEL,Wipro, Hindalco, Tata Steel, L & T's strength in the 2-1 percent. HDFC Bank's shares 1.5 percent before the results arequicker. Tarot of the remaining stake to offer news about SunPharma has gained 1 percent.
Mumbai International Airport and 13.5per cent after buying shares of GVK Power has gained 2.75 percent.France and Germany on Tuesday after reports of stimulus to theU.S. market was closed at 1.5-2 per cent. Asian markets aretrading at even strength.

StockIntraday Tips

HDILSell For 1 To 2 Days, Stoploss - 97 Target - 92 – 90. 

RelianceCommunications Sell For 1 To 2Days, Stoploss – 77, Target - 72 – 70.

CoalIndia Buy For 3 To 4 Days, Stoploss - 324, Target - Rs 345.

Intraday Tips

Intraday Tips

Intraday Tips
IntradayTips :- due to poor results of international markets Indian StockMarket is to start with the weakness. Bse Sensex down 208points at 16817 and Nifty down 69 points at 5049ITand technology stocks have the greatest decline. TCS and HCLTech 6.75 per cent after the results have fallen 7 per cent. 2.5per cent as well as Wipro, Infosys Technologies 1.75 per cent arebroken. Realty, metal, banking, capital goods, consumer durables,auto stocks fall 1 to 1.75 per cent. Healthcare, Oil & Gas,Power too weak. FMCG stocks are the lowest in the fall. DLF,Tata Motors, Sterlite Industries, Jaiprakash Associates, JindalSteel, ICICI Bank, SBI, Reliance Industries, L & T, Cipla, BHEL,Bharti Airtel, Bajaj Auto, M & M is the weakness of the 3.5 to0.5. Atthe dispute over bonuses to employees of Coal India news, pushingshares 1.75 per cent. Results before Motokorp hero is toofast. NTPC, Tata Power, HUL, ONGC, ITC are in green. IntradayTips To solve the debt crisis, while in Europe on Monday in saw selling pressure. U.S. markets closed lower by 2 percent. Bad signals from the U.S. markets on the Asian markets weredown. All Asian markets are trading in red.

StockIntraday Tips 18 October 2011

BuyPetronet LNG For 2–3 Days, Stoploss – 159.5, Target - 173,

Sell DLF For 2 - 3 Days, Stoploss - 241, Target - 221.

SellL & T For 1 – 3 Days, Stoploss - 1420 Target - 1364 – 1321.

Intraday Tips

IntradayTips :- Due to strong global cues, beginning of domestic stockmarkets is fast. Sensex up 93 points on 17 176 and the Nifty gained24 points open on 5156. Autostocks have seen the fastest. 22.6 per cent increase inSeptember global sales of around 3 per cent faster than the TataMotors. Bajaj Auto and Mdandm is also strong. However, MarutiSuzuki's Manesar plant strike continuing weak 1.25 per cent of theshares. Bank, realty, metal, technical, IT, consumer durables,capital goods, power, healthcare and FMCG stocks are up. SterliteIndustries, ONGC, SBI, Hindalco, Wipro, ICICI Bank, BHEL, HeroMotokorp, HDFC Bank, Tata Power, Cipla, Infosys is firmly in the 1.5to 0.1 per cent. Results of the first TCS, HDFC is looking up.Reliance Industries in worse than expected results due to pressure onoil & gas stocks. Reliance Industries' shares are tradingwith weakness of 2 per cent. 
Asianmarkets are also tradingwith strength. Nikkei, Hang Sang, Taiwan index is up nearly 1.5percent. Shanghai Composite, Cospi, Straits Times and SingaporeNifty are trading with gains. European countries on Friday to find asolution to the debt crisis soon came back faster than expected inU.S. markets. U.S. markets were closed with a gain of 1.5 percent.

IDFC Buy For 3 days Stoploss - 119, Target - 129

KotakMahindra Bank Buy For 3 days Stoploss - 467, Target - 485 - 492.

Aurobindo Pharma Sell For 3 days Stoploss - 134, Target -122 - 120.

ICICI Bank Buy For 4 Days Stoploss - 870, Target- 920 – 930.
 Intraday Tips

Intraday Tips

Intraday Tips
intraday tips
IntradayTips :- In marketsfluctuation seems full business. Sensex down 46 points on 16 837 Nifty fell 21 points on 5057. Light on the decline since itopened back in the market is looking up.  Healthcare,FMCG, IT stocks at 0.5 percent, there is rapid. However,realty stocks have fallen more than 1 per cent. Auto, bankingand metal stocks are also under pressure.  Healthcare stocksDr Reddy's, Cipla and Sun Pharma is up to 0.5-1 per cent.However,Ranbaxy's shares are trading lower by 1.25 per cent.  Wipro, HCLTech, Infosys, TCS is the strength of nearly 0.5 per cent. ITC,HUL has gained nearly 1 percent.  Plant at Manesar in Gurgaondue to the strike at the plant to cease production of news about 1.5per cent fall in the shares of Maruti Suzuki. IntradayTips

On Thursday, the U.S. market fluctuation to fullbusiness. Rising inflation in China and JP Morgan, Dow Jones andS & P 500 because of the poor results fall off.However, theNasdaq Composite was down over the edge. 
The declining trendin Asian markets. 1 per cent in the Shanghai Composite, Nikkei0.75 per cent to 1.5 per cent in Hangsang there is weakness. OtherAsian markets are trading in red. 

StockIntraday Tips 14 October 2011

MarutiSuzuki Sell For 1 – 3 Days, Stoploss - 1085, Target - 1041 - 1004 

Idea Cellular Sell For 1 – 3 Days, Stoploss - 95.8, Target- 91.6 - 87.5 

Financial Tech Sell For 1 – 3 Days, Stoploss- 743, Target - 715 - 692

Market Intraday Tips

Market Intraday Tips :- Onthe basis of good signs from international markets, Indian marketshave started off with the edge. The important 17,000 level sincethe market reopened the Sensex managed to cross. The Sensexcrossed the 5,100 level. 
BSE Sensex index inearly trading at 17 040 the lead with 78 points fast is trading. While NSE Nifty 24.50 points lead with a key index is tradingat 5124 levels. The turnover in the market, Tata Motors, SterliteIndustries, HDFC Bank, Tata Power and Tata Consultancy Services inthe 1-2.5 per cent of the shares have gone up. While Wipro,ICICI Bank, BHEL, Infosys, TCS, ONGC, SBI, HUL and 0.5-1 per cent inMotokorp hero is visible. While Maruti and Jindal Steel declined by1-1 per cent. In addition, DLF, Reliance Industries, Sun Pharmaand 0.5 per cent decline in Hindalco looks. IntradayTips

Talk of the international markets in Europe soon tosolve the debt crisis in the wake of reports have shown a modestgrowth in U.S. markets. So the U.S. market managed to close at 1per cent. On the basis of good signs from the U.S. markets,Asian markets are seeing 1.5 per cent.

StockIntraday Tips For 13 October 2011

Arvind Buyfor 3 to 4 Days, Stoploss - 96  Target -  105.

Hexaware Buyfor 2 to 3 Days, Stoploss - 85  Target -  96.

VIP Industries Buyfor 2 Days, Stoploss -  938 Target - 1000- 1020. 

Intraday Market Tips

market tips
MarketTips :- Marketsby reducing the fear of global recession has started strongly. Niftyabove 5000 levels, the key is open.  Sensexup 111 points on 16 668 5020 are open and the Nifty up 40points.There is 1 per cent rise in the market.  The fastestbanks, consumer durables, metal, realty stocks is looking at.Hindalco3 per cent, 2.5 per cent Stlait Industries, SBI 1.75 per cent, 1.75per cent of Tata Steel, HDFC Bank 1.5 per cent, 1.5 per cent of DLF,L & T are strong 1.5 per cent.  New Telecom Policy of thedraft proposal to remove the roaming charge 2.5 per cent in BhartiAirtel, Reliance Munikeshns 1.5 per cent, 1.25 per cent Idea, MTNLhas climbed 1.5 percent.  Pharma sector to strict rules of FDIseems to have little effect on pharmaceutical stocks. SunPharma, Biocon, Cipla, Dr Reddy's, Ranbaxy, Lupin is up by 0.5-1 percent.  Weakness in heavyweight stocks, ONGC and Infosys. Oilmarketing companies' losses due to rupee weakness is afraid tomove. 1.5 per cent increase in subsidy burden, ONGC, theweakness of concern.  French and German government support toEuropean banks on Monday announced a 3 per cent of the U.S. marketclosed on firmly.  Asian markets have also startedstrongly. Asian markets are trading with a gain of 1 to 3.25 percent.

StockIntraday Tips For 11 October 2011

Hexaware Buy Stoploss – 79, Target - 90 – 93.

Arvind Buy Stoploss – 96, Target - 102. 

LIC Housing Finance Buy Stoploss - 219,  Target - 235. 

Intraday Tips

Intraday Tips
intraday tips
IntradayTips :- The beginning of the trading week, with markets businessis flat. Sensex up 38 points at 16270 and Nifty 4887 are opendown 1 point.  IT stocks up 1 per cent is seen. 2 per centof Infosys, Wipro, 1 per cent, 0.5 per cent of TCS and HCL Tech aretrading at 0.5 per cent.  Bank, power, oil & gas stocks hassome strength. BSE Realty, Auto and FMCG stocks are visible inred.  2 per cent of TataMotors, Sterlite Industries 1.5 per cent, 1.5 per cent of Coal India,Reliance Industries 1.5 per cent, 1 per cent of Cipla, HDFC 1 cent, 1per cent of BHEL, Wipro is up 0.75 percent.  Manesar plantstrike again, Maruti Suzuki reported a decline of more than 3 percent of the shares are showing.  Bharti Airtel 2 per cent,Jindal Steel 2 per cent, 1 per cent of SBI, ICICI Bank's 0.5 percentdrop.  European countries remain concerned about the debt crisisof the U.S. market on Friday closed at around 1 per cent. Meanwhile,Asian markets mixed business is.

IntradayStock Tips Monday10 October 2011

CanaraBank Sell for 3 Days, Stoploss - 437,  Target - 410. 

Reliance Industries Sell for 3 Days, Stoploss - 815, Target - Rs 775. 

Intraday Tips

intraday tips
IntradayTips 3 October 2011 :- due to Asianand American markets weakness in the domestic markets beginning withthe fall of light. Sensex down 69 points, 16 082 and the Niftydown 26 points at 4823 level are open.  However, looking back isthe shopping is only a slight decline in the market.  There isstill pressure on realty stocks. DLF is the weakness of the 1per cent.However, shares of JP Associates are trading at 1.5 percent.  Recession fear IT, metals, oils & gas, banking stocksare also falling. Jindal Steel 0.5 per cent, 0.5 per cent ofICICI Bank, Reliance Industries 0.75 per cent, 0.9 per cent of HDFC,Coal India 0.9 per cent, 1.2 per cent of Wipro, HDFC Bank hasweakened 1.5 percent.  Intraday Tips Consumer goods,consumer durables, power stocks are looking strong. MarutiSuzuki 2 per cent, 1.3 per cent of L & T, BHEL 1.25 per cent,while Tata Power rose 1 per cent.  Greece's debt crisis isshowing increasing concern over the impact of the globalmarkets. Full business weakness in Asian markets. OnMonday, U.S. stocks had closed lower by 2-3 per cent.

IntradayStock Tips4 October

  • ExideIndustries Buy For 2 – 3 Days, Target - 136, Stoploss - 127.
  • BajajAuto Buy For 2 – 3 Days, Target - 1575 Stoploss –1490,.
  • IDBI Bank Sell For 2 – 3 Days, Target - 92, Stoploss – 105.

Intraday Tips

intraday tips
IntradayTips 3 October :- The U.S. economy is showing increasing concernover the impact of the markets today. Intraday Tips Becauseof the sharp weakness in international markets, domestic markets areopen, with a decline of more than 1.25 per cent.  Sensex down198 points 16 256 and Nifty fell 69 points to 4874 are open.Sensexand Nifty rose 2 percent after opening is weak.  IT has been adecline in most stocks. 3 per cent of Wipro, HCL Tech 2.25 percent, 1.75 per cent of TCS and Infosys is down 2 percent. Intraday Tips Consumer goods, bank, metal, power is theweakness of 1 per cent in shares.Realty, FMCG, Auto, Healthcarestocks are in red. However, consumer durables stocks open flat. DLF, Tata Steel, Hindalco, Tata Power, Sesa Goa has dropped by 3-4per cent.Maruti and M & M looks for stocks.  Asian marketsfall of the round. Nikkei, Cospi, Taiwan Index, Straits Times isthe weakness of the 2 per cent. The Hang Sang 4 per cent, 3.5per cent of Jakarta have crashed.  On Friday, U.S. stocks hadclosed lower by 2 per cent. Also, the U.S. markets has touchedthe lowest level of the second quarter.

IntradayStock Tips 3 October 2011

1.  Ranbaxy Buy for 1 week stoploss - 500 , Target - 540.

2.  Bank of Baroda Sell for 2 days Stoploss - 780, Target 730.

3.  SBI Sell - stoploss - 1922, Target 1865 

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