Intraday Stock Market Trend 30th Aug 2011

Market Trend 30 Aug. 2011 :-
The third biggest rally of 2011,
took place today on Monday 29th August. The Indian
Stock Market witnessed a relief pull back rally right from the start
of the trade and in one point of time NSE Nifty jumped 172 points, to
end at 4920 after hitting an intraday high of 4934.40. The Indian
Stock Market was hammered consistently for the last five weeks. but
short covering, build up of fresh longs and positive global cues
brought the bull back on the Indian Stock Market. Partly the global
cues came in from the fact that the united states was not looking at
QE (Quantitative Easing) as the only solution to its problem. that
instilled the confidence of global traders. But you should remember
one thing, market sentiment is still poor. Unless Spot Nifty cross &
sustain at least 5050 the stability of indian stock market can not be
confirmed. market may take a sudden dip again. so, as a precautionary
measure you have to concentrate primarily upon your previously
purchased stocks and have to book the profit as and when required.
Few Intraday Stocks will always emerge everyday, in any condition of
the market. Make quick profit on them using your own money and
concentrate mainly on your holding stocks.

Intraday Tips For 30 August 2011

Stock Tips 30 August 2011

BAJAJFINSV  : - Buy at 577.75, Strict SL at 539.60, Intraday
Target 583-589 Strong Resistance -601-606.

RELCAPITAL :– Buy at 377.25, Strict SL at 363.30, Intraday
Target 380-383.60 (Strong Resistance)-390-395-403-412.

INDIABULLS :– Buy at 153.10, Strict SL at 148, Intraday
Target 155-156.25 Strong Resistance -159

Intraday Stock Market Updates

Market Updates :-
IT stocks came after the purchase of markets
remains strong. Sensex up 361 points to 16 210 and Nifty 104
points up to the level of 4852.  Jindal Steel shares are showing
the fastest. Jindal Steel is strong in the 6 per cent.  2
weeks after the weakness of the investors are buying in IT stocks. 4
per cent in the IT sector, TCS, Wipro 3.5 per cent, 3 per cent of
Infosys, HCL Tech, pushing up 3 per cent.  All sector indices
are in green in today's business. Reliance Industries, ICICI
Bank, Tata Motors, HDFC, Tata Power has gained nearly 3 per cent. 
However, Sesa Goa and Ranbaxy is down 1.5 per cent.


Asian signals strongly positive on the Indian
stock markets open on Monday.  BSE Group IT, Tjnik, 2.21 to 2.89
per cent of the bank group are strong.  Sensex up 279 points at
9:15 am at 16 128, while the Nifty gained 80 points, was trading at
4828.  Asian markets are positive signs today. All Asian
markets other than China's Shanghai Composite is up over the edge.

Stock Market Trend 29 Aug 2011

Market Trend 29 Aug 2011 :
- Last Friday’s 26th Aug
closing indicates a serious weakness of Indian Stock Market. Now in
the perspective of the all time high of Spot nifty comparng with the
closing of Friday 26thAugust , the yearly chart
indicating that in worst possible cases, Spot nifty can collapse
completely and can go down up to 4000 also. Though the level of 4000
is not possible within couple of days, & will see lots of sharp
troughs and crests in between, but it should be noted that the Stock
Market has already been entered in a Bearish state. until unless spot
nifty cross and sustain 5050, Market will remain weak and any bad
news either it is domestic or global can push the market down to
frustrating levels. Intention is neither to make you afraid nor to
ask you to quit the Stock Market, rather to advice you to trade
cautiously and to take the  favourable situation from time
to time.

Intraday Tips For 29 August 2011

Stock Tips 29 August 2011

    – Buy at 133.20, Strict SL at 129.55, Intraday Target
    134.50-136-138.85 Strong Resistance -140-143

    – BUY AT 164.95, STRICT SL 162.15, Intraday Target 166.95-167.35
    Strong Resistance -169-172

    – (Buy only on Delivery Basis) – Buy at CMP for a short Term
    Target of 391.50. Mid term target of 425-430. long term target one
    year of 650.

Stock Market Trend For Monday 29 Aug 2011

Market do not have any particular reason to fall.  Nifty down
by 4550 can be seen. the FIIs are continuously selling and 20 August,
nearly Rs 9,000 crore by FIIs have been removed. If Ben Bernanke
Fed meeting today, Qi 3 announced on Monday that the market is hard
to tell what direction it takes. Equity Market is dominated by
all-round selling and investors should avoid buying now. 4650
support level breaks, the Nifty could fall to 4500. Now is the time
to fall in the market for those shares which have not come down yet.
The policy of investors in the market not only to acquire, market
direction is unclear sit quietly in the state should wait to be
clean. the volume of purchases in the market are reduced. Market
purchases of domestic and institutional investors are missing and are
waiting to recover all of the market. Qi 3 announced at a meeting of
the Jackson Hole is then likely to pick up in the U.S. market but it
is not clear what will happen to the Stock Markets.

Stock Market Update 26 Aug 2011

Global Cues on the Indian Stock Market opened flat on Friday. 
BSE Group Auto, PSU, Oil & Gas 0.25 to 0.43 per cent of classes
have been strengthened.  9:15 am Sensex down 24 points at 16121
while Nifty was trading at 4837 slipped 2 points.  Asian stock
Markets are showing signs of weak today. However, 3 consecutive
days in the U.S. markets tumbled yesterday after the fast. The
Jackson Hole meeting profit before selling pressure dominated the
U.S. market. Yesterday the S & P 500 index of business
sector closed in red.

Stock Market Trend For 26th Aug 2011

Market Trend 26 Aug 2011:-
Today on 25th August,
after a positive opening, the Indian Stock Markets dropped off it’s
perch early and after being subjected to profit booking closed in the
negative territory. European Market positive Start also did not help
the Indian Stock Market. Tomorrow 26 August in the opening bell a gap
up opening is being expected, mainly for short covering. I expect
also a pull back rally from the present level, but difficult to say
how long it will persist. So, for the time being you have buy and
sell firmly with minimum exposure and have to book your profit

Intraday Tips For 26th Aug 2011

Stock Tips 26 August 2011

LOVABLE (Lovable Ltd.) : - Buy at 545.35, Strict SL at 538,
Intraday Target 550-554 Strong Resistance -562-569 (Short Term
Target oF 590 Still valid .

HINDOILEXP (Hindustan Oil Exploration Ltd.) :– Buy at 116.80
Strict SL at 113.45. Intraday Target 117.80-118.95 Strong Resistance
-120-122   Remember, HINDOILEXP is a Fundamentally good
stock and even can hold at current level,in case of accidental fall
of Market.

DLF (DLF Ltd.) :–  Remember, Tomorrow it will move North
mainly because of short covering, but sudden profit booking can start
from the Higher Levels, so buy in Small quantity and book your profit
soonest – Buy at 187.10, Strict SL at 183.95, Intraday Target
189-190 Strong Resistance -192-193

Stock Market

Market Updates 25 Aug.
:-  Expiry date in the Indian Stock
Markets fall sharply and closed with pressure. Metal on the market,
IT, banking stocks increased pressure from the beating.  Nifty
Down the 4850 level, while the Sensex fell more than a hundred
points.  Infosys, HDFC Bank, HDFC, Reliance Industries, TCS,
Jindal Steel, SBI, SAIL, Hero Motokorp, Power Grid Corp, Tata Steel,
Axis Bank, HCL Tech shares were hurt by the fall.  ONGC, Bharti
Airtel, PNB, Reliance, Tata Motors, Sun Pharmaceuticals, Ambuja
Cements from the edge by a large decline in stocks is avoided. 
The food inflation data released today are also dismal. Food
inflation has been growth. Sensex lost 138 points to 16 146,
while the Nifty closed at 4839 down 49 points. 

Market on Afternoon
at 1:30 pm 

Large variations in Stock markets today - is
the situation of downs. European and Asian markets are positive
signals from the Indian Stock Market can not hold up.  TCS,
HDFC, Jindal Steel, Infosys, SBI, NTPC, L & T, HCL Tech, Axis
Bank Nifty is at a loss in the fall.  ONGC, Sun Pharma, Tata
Steel, Cairn India, Hindustan Unilever, Ranbaxy Labs, Gayle shares
the edge.  BSE group metals, IT, CD, tech, bank group has
declined by 1 per cent.  Sensex lost 79 points to 16 205, while
the Nifty is trading at 4859 down 29 points. 

Stock Market Updates For 25th Aug 2011

the trend in international markets increasingly are seeing a decline
in the markets. The expiry date in the domestic markets due to
heavy selling pressure and weakness in metal stocks have seen. Among
metal stocks, consumer durables, IT, technology, banking and realty
stocks are beating the issue. In the business market, the Jindal
Steel, Tata Steel and metals stocks like Hindalco declined by 1.5-3
per cent. Also Jaiprakash Associates has lost 2.5 percent. ICICI
Bank, HDFC and SBI 1.5 per cent from 0.7 per cent, there is
weakness. Hero Motokorp, Coal India, Infosys, Bharti Airtel,
Larsen & Toubro, Reliance Industries, NTPC, M & M, BHEL,
Wipro, TCS, Sterlite Industries and Cipla is looking to sell stocks.
However, Sun Pharma has 2.5 per cent. Besides, ONGC, Tata Motors
and Bajaj Auto is looking at the 1.5 per cent. Tata Power also
has been doing business with 1 per cent faster. DLF, Maruti, ITC
and HUL is looking in the shop. The BSE 30-share Sensex down 72
points, is trading at 16 213. The 50-share benchmark index of
the NSE Nifty is trading at 26.35 points to 4862.55 after falling

Market opening
Positive global cues on the
Indian stock market opened flat on Thursday.BSE HC group, realty, CG
class 0.51 to 0.68 per cent have been strengthened. Sensex up 29
points at 9:15 am at 16 314, while the Nifty was trading at 4893 up 4
points. Asian markets are positive signs today. The last hour of
the sharp edge off the U.S. market were able to consolidate. Although
the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke in Jackson Hole meeting before the
statement was seen in the market profit.

International Market Updates 25 Aug 2011

International  Market Updates :- Sharp
edge on the U.S. Market firmly in the last hour were able to stop.
Although the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke in Jackson Hole meeting
before the statement was seen in the market profit.  Dow Jones
up 144 points, ie 1.3 per cent to close at 11320.71.In addition, S &
P 500 index 15.25 points ie 1.31 percent to close at 1177.60 from the

Stock Market Trend For 25th Aug 2011

Market Trend 25 August :-
Today on 24th August
World Stocks fell as EuropE Investors shuffled position ahead of a
Jackson Hole speech by Federal Reserve Chairman BEN Bernanke and
Japanese Shares sold off following a moody’s downgrade. Back at
Home, Indian Stock Market Facing abrupt selling pressure one day
before monthly F&O expiry, especially due to the panic and
uncertainty of Global Economics situation. Tomorrow 25th August
, we may see some initial selling pressure in the opening bell. The
strongest support of Spot Nifty now seen at 4820-4800. hopefully
Market will bounce back from that level and will replenish some of
it’s loses. But abrupt volatility will be seen tomorrow throughout
the day. So trade safe & book your profit as quick as possible.

Intraday Tips For 25th Aug 2011

Stock Tips For 25 August 2011

UFLEX (Uflex Ltd.) : - Buy at 187.10, Strict SL at 183,30
Intraday Target 188.30-189.95 Strong Resistance -191.85-195-196-200

AMTEKINDIA (Amtek India Ltd.) : – This is actually for Delivery
buying, but can book profit in Intraday. Also buy in small quantity
 buy at 115.55, strict SL at 112.40, Intraday Target
116.65-117.50 Strong Resistance -118.20-119.80 Short Term Target

DEWANHOUS (Dewan Housing Finance Ltd. ) :– This is also For
Delivery buying, but can book profit in Intraday. Also buy in small
quantity  buy at 216.85, Strict SL at 213.65, Intraday Target
218-219 Strong Resistance - 220 Short Term Target 250.

Stock Market

Market Update :-
markets fall sharply after U.S. markets were down. But the Indian
Stock Market early enough ups and downs business is being witnessed. 
The BSE 30-share Sensex gained 10 points is trading at 16508.84. The
50-share benchmark index of the NSE Nifty is trading at 4954 up 5
points.  Tata Power and Jindal Steel is also showing the
weakness of 2-2 per cent.  TCS, Hero Motokorp, Infosys, ITC,
BHEL, Wipro and Bajaj Auto is also looking weak. However,
Hindalco recorded a 2 per cent.In addition, HDFC, Sterlite
Industries, Cipla, DLF, Jaiprakash Associates, HUL, HDFC Bank, ICICI
Bank, Larsen & Toubro, ONGC, SBI and Tata Motors has registered
in the 0.5-1.5 per cent. 

Stock Market

Stock Market Opening 24 August :- Indian stock markets open on Wednesday with mild weakness.  BSE group metal, auto, power group 0.44 percent to 0.63 are vulnerable. Medium, there seems buying small stocks.  Sensex down 63 points at 9:15 am at 16 435, while the Nifty lost 28 points, was trading at 4920.  Asian markets are showing signs of weak today. The Virginia earthquake shaking in the 3 to 4.5 per cent despite the U.S. market were able to stop the fast. 

Stock Market 24 August 2011

Market Trend For 24 August :
- Today 23rd August Indian Equities continued
their uptrend for the second consecutive session. Positive Global
Cues and a fair amount of FII short covering/hedge fund short
covering led the rally in today’s trade. But remember, this is
nothing but a pull back rally & after monthly F&O Expiry
Stock Market may correct again. A prudent and cash enriched investor
should take the opportunity to buy stocks in every fall for some good
short term gain, but on the other hand booking profit in every
opportunity also desirable. This will reduce the price of your
purchased stocks. Finally, wait for another two days. at the end
coming thursday’s closing session market will give you the clear
direction of forthcoming months.

Intraday Tips 24 August 2011

Stock Tips 24 August 2011

UFLEX (UFLEX Ltd.) : - Buy At 183.80, Strict SL At 178.35,
Intraday Target 185.80-190 (Strong Resistance)-193-197-200

KIRIINDUS (Kiri Industries Ltd.) : – Buy At 158.30, Strict
SL At 149.90, Intraday Target 161-163-166 Strong Resistance -

JISLJALEQS (Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd.) : – Buy At 175.85,
Strict SL at 172, Intraday Target 177-180-181 Strong Resistance

Stock Market

Stock Market On Morning :- Asian
markets due to strong global cues even looks fast. However,
kospi and Jakarta Composite is down slightly.  Shanghai
Composite and Taiwan index is around 1 per cent strength. Seoul
Composite is trading with a gain of 2.25 per cent.  Hang Sang is
up 0.5 per cent. Nikkei, Straits Times, Singapore Nifty is
trading at the edge.

Stock Market

Market Trend 23
rd Aug 2011 :- Today
22nd August short covering led the Indian Stock
Markets to close with 1 percent gain. I believe that this is the
first leg of short covering rally and the pullback rally may continue
for some more days. Though 5200 level of Spot nifty is on the card
now, but it may take some little bit more time after showing some
remarkable troughs & crests. Remember this short covering is on
the way mainly because of forthcoming monthly F&O expiry which is
knocking at the door on 25th August , so still you
have trade cautiously with minimum exposure, by booking the profit as
and when required.

Intraday Tips 23 August 2011

Stock Tips 23 August 2011

LOVABLE (Lovable Ltd.): It’s a High beta stock, so booking
of profit in the first available opportunity is always preferable
buy at 502.50, strict SL at 495 1st SL & 488.75 2
nd SL
. Intraday Target 507.50-508.80 Strong Resistance - 515-522-532-542
if the level of 515 is sustain for sometime, then it got long way to
go, but heavy profit booking may takes place near the level of 515,
so be careful.

APTECHT (Aptech Ltd.) – Buy at 126.10, Strict SL at 121.70,
Intraday Target 127.10-128.70 Strong Resistance -130-131-133

HINDOILEXP (Hindustan Oil Exploration Company Ltd.)- Buy at 121.55,
Strict SL AT 117.85, Intraday Target 122.50-124.65 Strong Resistance

Stock Market

Stock Market Trend Monday 22 August :- Caught
in a fresh global storm, Indian Stock Markets in the past week have
seen colossal sell-offs. And going forward things could get bad
before they finally & inevitably get better. I still believe that
the oversold market has enough room for opportunities for both
investors and traders. One can use the rallies intelligently to make
quick profit, but should always limit their losses, by restricting
their trades. for the time being be happy with some reasonble profit
and stop chasing the market for whole day. Few things, you should
remember. the first thing is that it is been widely accepted
worldwide by the great analysts, that is the right time to make
handsome gain is the time when the stock market is in the state of
Bloodbath . Though the theory is not so easy, rathet it is
being little bit crooked, but if you can invest your money prudently
by selecting some fundamentally good and prospective stocks, then you
will be a sure and quick winner withinn a short period of time.
Lot of anxious people are comparing the present market with the
market of 2008, but present situation is very much different than the
previous one. reason’s are classified, but in a nutshell, i can say
that reasons for 2008 crash is manly because of two concrete reasons:

  1. The
    Bubble has been formed (Bubble Effect) Before 2008 crash and no
    one is aware of that.

  1. The
    Money has been trabsferred from the strong to week hands.

scenario of the Market is very much different than 2008 one, where
the negative factors are clearly known and yet to be solved by Global
experts. the Wealth is still in the strong hands as off now. So,
question’s could be asked, why the Market is still going down? Dear
visitor's all is happening mainly due to sudden panic selling where
most of Investors/Traders are selling their purchased stocks because
of Uncertainity. At the same time short term bears are trying to take
the advatage of the present favourable situation suitable for them,
and on the other hand prudent investors are slowly accumulating the
good stocks for short term good gain, in every fall . I wish to
explain the whole situation, but it is almost impossible for me to
describe everytning in short form, but one thing i can assure you
that, indian market will strongly bounce back within 1-2 months and
lady luck will be your’s if you can survive and invest with an
optimistic mind.
monday’s market, Try to make profit withing the half an hour of the
opening.bell. the market may come down sharply after some positive
bounce back which is logical and ineveitable.

luck and teade safe$


Intraday Tips

Intraday Stock Tips 22 August 2011

– Buy at 839, Strict SL 829 – First SL & 811 – 2
nd SL.
Intraday Target 846-847.70 Strong Resistance -857.40-860 (But try to
make one percent gain after buying same in Opening bell.

– Buy at 115.60, Strict SL at 110.60, Intraday Target 117-118
Strong Resistance -120


Buy at 59.45, Strict SL At 57, Intraday target 60.45-61.10 (Strong
Resistance)61.90-62.75 JPASSOCIAT is showing very good strength for
last couple of days even in the bearish market. Expecting 70-75
within a very Short period of time. So preferably buy in small
quantity on delivery basis .

Intraday Tips

Market Trend For Monday 22 August  :- Vulnerable
to world market fall have arrived and are getting 
heavy selling in
the Indian Stock market. 
small investors are worried that they do have. Global Markets the
concern is the risk of recession in the global markets, Indian
markets are unlikely to decline much from current levels. investors
now need to adopt the strategy of investing through SIP. To make
portfolio investment in equity from the perspective of 2-3 years
should start. Should have some exposure to fixed income
instruments to investors. U.S. Markets Dow Jones stock could fall to
1000. Indian Stock markets Nifty to fall by up to 4800-4750 can not
be ruled out.  

Intraday Stock Market

Market on 19 August :- 
European and Asian markets selling
from the storm in the Indian market and the end of Friday's session
ended with a sharp fall in the domestic market.  4 per cent in
BSE IT and CG class was weak. Technology segment declined by
three per cent. Also, bank, FMCG, Power, CD of the class showing
selling pressure on stocks. Realty stocks, however, there was
definitely some shopping.  Infosys, L & T, ICICI Bank, ITC,
TCS, Tata Motors, Reliance Industries, BHEL, Bharti Airtel, SBI,
Sterlite Industries, Sun Pharma, Jindal was a decline in steel
stocks. Nifty lost 98 points to close at 4845. 

Afternoon at 1:30 pm 

fear of global recession, stock markets around the world is
disturbing.Markets are clearly nervous. Europe and Asia markets
fall heavily. Indian markets are not neutralize this fall. 
Nifty, Infosys, Tata Motors, Larsen & Toubro, Hindalco, Sterlite
Industries shares fall 6.54 percent from 4.94.  BSE group, 5.55
per cent in the IT category, CG and technology category 4.23 per
cent, 3.15 per cent and bank CDs class class is weakened 2.45 per
cent. Nifty lost 116 points, is trading at 4827. 

At 11:20 am 

of global recession on the Indian market is still capped. Given
the weak economic situation in America and Europe, sold in Asian
markets, there have been storms. Indian markets are not left
it.  By most of the IT and tech stocks have been beaten. 
Infosys, L & T, Reliance Industries, TCS, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank,
BHEL is battered by the decline in stocks.  However, ONGC, SBI,
Coal India's growth stocks. 


global cues, Indian markets open on Friday with weakness. IT,
tech stocks is the selling pressure.  Nifty, Infosys, HCL Tech,
TCS, Wipro 4.04 per cent to 7.36 are vulnerable.  5.10 per cent
in BSE IT class, the technology class has weakened 3.81 percent. 
Sensex down 277 points at 9:15 am at 16 191, lost 80 points while the
Nifty was trading at 4863.  Asian markets are showing signs of
weak today. Meanwhile, U.S. markets on Thursday showed the
effect of economic concerns. Dow Jones 3.7 per cent, 4.5 per
cent and the Nasdaq Composite S & P 500 dipped 5.2 percent.

Intraday Tips

Market View 19 August :-
markets on Thursday showed the effect of economic concerns. Dow
Jones 3.7 per cent, 4.5 per cent and the Nasdaq Composite S & P
500 dipped 5.2 percent.  Poor economic data is due to heavy
selling in U.S. markets. In America the number of unemployed has
reached over 4 million. Also in July, inflation rose by 0.5 per
cent. Home sales figures have disappointed the market.  Dow
Jones down 420 points at the end of trading to close at 10 991. 1141
S & P 500 and Nasdaq Composite fell 53 points, closed at 2,380
down 131 points.  nAnalysts believe that U.S. markets may
continue to decline. Raymond James Geoffrey soft fall of the
current downturn is a reminder of October 1978 and October 1979. 
Steve Nemeth Snamerika Asset Management says that the U.S. markets
did not cause a big fall. But the way the European credit crisis
is getting deeper, in the coming days will impact on U.S. markets. 
However, some experts believe that the recent decline in America's
economic slump. Markets 10 percent is possible to come up. 

Stock Market Trend

Trend 19 August :-
After a few days of relative calm, Indian
Equity benchmarks closed today  18th August  with
Enormous cuts, with the NSE Nifty closing at below 5000 for the first
time since June 2010. It was a complete free fall, spooked by fears
of stammering recovery in the European and U.S. Economics after debt
crisis. As per the EOD (End Of Chart), Everything is seems to be
very Gloomy for tomorrow 19th August .
a nutshell, it is wise to quit the Market everyday after making some
reasonable profit.

Intraday Tips

Intraday Stock Tips 19 August 

WOCKPHARMA  :- Buy At 372.30, Strict SL At 
369, Intraday Target
376-378 Strong Resistance - 382.

SRTRANSFIN :–  Buy At  608.45, Strict SL at 602.20,
Intraday Target 614-616 Strong Resistance -618.

UNIPHOS :–  Buy At 140.20, Strict SL At 137, Intraday Target
142-143 Strong Resistance -145

Intraday Stock Market

Stock Market Today :-
the last hours of the storm by selling the business in today's
371-point decline, since June 8, 2010 while the Nifty closed at their
lowest levels.  Indian stock market crash caused the largest
decline in Asian and European markets.  European stock markets
had a negative effect on Indian markets open up and then fall. 
Nifty, TCS, SBI, Infosys, ICICI Bank, Reliance Industries, Wipro,
HDFC, Axis Bank, Sterlite Industries, Bharti Airtel, Jindal Steel,
HCL Tech, Tata Motors shares were down.  Nifty lost 112 points
to close at 4944. 

Market Afternoon at 1:30 pm 

you see some investor interest in realty stocks.  TCS, Infosys,
ICICI Bank, SBI, Wipro, Reliance Industries, Axis Bank, HDFC, HCL
Tech, Sterlite Industries, Tata Motors shares fall in Nifty is
battered.  Dielaf, ONGC, HUL shares the edge.  Nifty lost
80 points, is trading at 4976. 

Morning at 11:10 am 

is increasing selling pressure on the Indian stock markets, the Nifty
fell below 5000 levels is the key.  ICICI Bank, PNB, Axis Bank,
IDFC, Infosys shares fall 4.05 percent from 2.94. Asian stock markets
today are weak signs. 

Stock Market

Market Opening 18 August :- 
Stock Markets, Indian equities markets between the signals from
getting dull down slightly in early trading - the situation is
growing.  Banking, auto-class
shares are looking weak. Nifty was lost 7 points trading at 5048. 
Asian Markets are showing signs of sluggish today. The United
States linger on in the economy and rising costs had put pressure on
Wall Street's estimates. But companies have seen a little
shopping, thanks to good earnings. So the U.S. market closed on
a mix.

Intraday Tips

Stock Tips For 18 August 2011

VIPIND (VIP Industries Ltd.)
:- Buy at 840.60, Strict SL at 810, Intraday Target 850-860 Strong
Resistance – 873 – 890 - 900+.

IFBAGRO (IFB Agro Industries Ltd.) :– Buy at  160.70,
Strict SL at 153.50, Intraday Target 163-166 Strong Resistance

LT (Larsen & Toubro
) :–   Purely Delivery based call, But
can book profit in intraday if feasible – Buy at 1644, Strict SL at
1632 Only For intraday , Intraday Target 1660-1663  Strong
Resistance -1673. Short Term TargeT 1780-1810. Mid Term Target 3
Months 2100+

Indian Stock Market Trend 18 August 2011

Market Trend 
Stock Markets had a mixed day of trade, wherein despite a strong
opening, the trade was marred with a degree of flatness throughout.
There was selling pressure in realty, Auto and Financial's and
despite Technology and FMCG Sectors providing some support, overall
weak global cues consolidated the market. Nothing much to say about
the Stock Market, only thing abrupt volatility of the market will
continue for some time. Use your own money two buy stocks and book
your profit soonest. Finally, be happy with a reasonable profit
everyday until the Market regains the stability. This is especially
applicable for small traders with less capital.

Intraday Stock Market 17 August 2011

returns after a fall in the market is looking a little
shopping. Nifty up 25 points at 5061 .  However, there is
selling pressure on small and medium stocks.  IT, pharma, Metal
and FMCG Stocks continue shopping.  TCS, Coal India, Sun Pharma,
ITC, HDFC, HDFC Bank, ONGC, Jaiprakash Associates, Tata Steel are in
green.  Reliance on the investor confidence has not
returned. DLF is currently 5 per cent weaker. Maruti
Suzuki, Tata Motors, M & M Auto stocks fall as such. 

Afternoon at 1:30 pm

European stock markets were the
negative signals and local realty, auto stocks on the sell side to
dominate the Indian markets have lost the initial advantage. 
ICICI Bank, DLF, Axis Bank, Tata Motors, Maruti, M & M, PNB, SBI,
Hindalco, Reliance Communications shares have caused a decline in the
Nifty.  ONGC, TCS, HDFC, ITC, Infosys, Sun Pharma, GAIL, HUL,
Wipro, SAIL, Siemens is the basis for market shares.  Nifty DLF,
Axis Bank, Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors, Reliance Communications 2.64
percent of the shares fall in 7.10. 

Market at 1

European markets fall in the Indian Stock Markets
have also lost strength. 16 725 index fell 6 points and Nifty
fell 13 points have come at the level of 5025.  IT stocks still
remains fast. TCS, Infosys, Wipro, HCL Tech to continue
shopping.  Based on market capitalization, Reliance Industries
today precedes the CIL.Coal India's stock is up 2 per cent.  Sun
Pharma 2 per cent, ONGC 2 per cent, 1.5 per cent of Siemens, ITC are
trading at 1.5 per cent.  DLF is growing in the fall. DLF
is down nearly 8 per cent. Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors, Axis
Bank, ICICI Bank, Hindalco is also a weakness. 

At 12:05 pm

IT, FMCG, pharma, energy shares purchased
in the market remains strong. Nifty up 31 points remain on the level
of 5066.  HDFC has seen the most rapid. HDFC is trading
strongly with 2.7 per cent. IT stocks, TCS, Infosys, Wipro, HCL
Tech is up.  Pharma shares 2.5 per cent in the Sun Pharma,
Ranbaxy has climbed 1.7 percent. Reliance Industries, ONGC,
Jaiprakash Associates, HUL, Bharti Airtel, Tata Stis, NTPC, HDFC Bank
is also fast.  However, there has been pressure on auto and
realty stocks. Tata Motors and Maruti Suzuki is about 2.5 per
cent. More than 6 per cent of DLF is trading with

Market 11 am

beginning with the rapid approach of the shopping continues. 
Nifty up 70 points at 5105 .   Veterans compared with the
selling pressure on small and medium stocks. IT stocks are buying
heavily. TCS has gained over 3 per cent. Infosys 2 per
cent, 1.5 per cent in Wipro, HCL Tech's strong 2.5 per cent. 
Pharma shares also have returned. Sun Pharma 3 per cent, 1 per
cent of Cipla, Ranbaxy and Dr Reddy's in the 1.5 per cent to 1 per
cent faster.  HUL, Grasim, FMCG stocks like ITC is shopping. JP
Associates, HDFC, HDFC Bank, ONGC, Reliance Industries, Bajaj Auto,
BHEL, Coal India is also fast.  DLF, Tata Motors, Maruti Suzuki,
ICICI Bank, Tata Power, Reliance Communications, M & M's

Market At 10:10 am

Markets have
opened strongly today. Nifty 5069 are up 33 points.  On
Tuesday, shares of IT in today's increasingly looks beaten. 3
per cent in TCS, Wipro 2 per cent, 2 per cent in Infosys, HCL Tech is
up 2.5 percent.  HDFC, Sun Pharma, JP Associates, HDFC Bank,
ONGC, ITC, HUL is also seen shopping.  Competitive commission
imposed by India DLF is looking at the impact. 4 per cent of DLF
is trading with weakness.

Intraday Tips Stock Market

Market Opening 17 August :- Indian Stock Markets
have opened strongly today. Sensex up 136 points at 16868 and
Nifty 5069 are up 33 points.  On Tuesday, Stocks of IT in
today's increasingly looks beaten. 3 per cent in TCS, Wipro 2
per cent, 2 per cent in Infosys, HCL Tech is up 2.5 percent. 
HDFC, Sun Pharma, JP Associates, HDFC Bank, ONGC, ITC, HUL is also
seen shopping.  Competitive commission imposed by India DLF is
looking at the impact. 4 per cent of DLF is trading with

Intraday Tips

Intraday Stock Tips 17 August 2011

 stocks below are the top picks for the day that offer a wide
array of choices to retail as well as long-term investors.

1.  Aban Offshore  Sell below Rs 380.50, Target of Rs 360.

has been falling since announcement of its results. The company is
sitting with unutilised rigs and the current low rig rates do not
augur well for its future. Selling is likely to continue in the stock
if Rs 380.50 is broken.

2.  Aditya Birla Nuvo  Sell below Rs
870, Target Rs 850.

Strong results announced over the weekend
resulted in a brief euphoria in Aditya Birla Nuvo. The stock moved up
sharply in the opening hours, but ended up near the low of the day at
Rs 870.25. The stock has taken support near the Rs 870 levels, from
where it has bounced back twice over the last week. A fall below this
level can take it down to Rs 850.

3.  Cairn has been
closing near the highs of the day over the past four days.

Cairn  Buy above Rs 283, target Rs 300.

the fall in the market, Cairn has been closing near the highs of the
day over the past four days. The stock has seen some selling pressure
at Rs 283 over the past four days from where it has reacted
downwards. A move above this selling zone can take the stock to Rs
300 levels

:- First Post 

Stock Market :- On
Tuesday, the European economic situation of concern, showing pressure
on U.S. markets. 
Jones 0.7 per cent, 1 per cent and the Nasdaq composite S & P 500
closed 1.2 percent on weakness.  Germany due to the slowness in
the economy returned to selling in U.S. Markets. France and Germany
have said that the government debt to reduce the need for political
action. Debt crisis is not quickly moved to Europe because of
the decline in banking and financial stocks.  Dow Jones down 77
points at the end of trading to close at 11 406. S & P 500
fell 12 points to 1,193 and the Nasdaq Composite fell 32 points to
close at 2523.

Indian Stock Market

Indian Stock Market 16 August 2011 Good
signals from international markets in the Indian Stock markets is to
move upwards. Consumer Dyrebls, technology, capital goods and IT
sector stocks lead the market has managed to make a purchase. 
The BSE 30-share Sensex gained 123 points, is trading at 16 963. The
NSE 50-share benchmark index Nifty with a surge of 36 points is
trading at 5108 levels.  Market trading with the CIL is trading
up 2 per cent. BHEL, SBI, Sterlite Industries, HDFC Bank, TCS,
ICICI Bank, Reliance Industries, Bharti Airtel and Jindal Steel
stocks recorded a rise of 1 per cent.  While DLF and Maruti's
shares declined 1.5 per cent. In addition, HDFC, Hindustan
Unilever, Jaiprakash Associates, Tata Steel, M & M and Tata Power
stocks also looks weak. 

Market opening 

global cues, Indian Stock Markets open on Tuesday with an
edge. Sensex, Infosys, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, ITC, L & T
shares have enjoyed a rapid pace.  Nifty was trading 37 points
up on 5110.  Asian markets are positive signs today. The
week's first trading day to ignore all the bad news from U.S. markets
closed 2 percent higher. 

Intraday Tips Stock Market View

Stock Market View 12 August :- Indian stock market trading day
last week ended with a sharp fall on Friday. IIP released today
(industrial production), good data showing the market's fear of
costly debt. Additionally, fears of global economic crisis that
still dominate the markets.  TCS, Reliance Industries, Infosys,
SBI, Tata Motors, Bharti Airtel, HDFC Bank, Wipro, HDFC, BHEL, NTPC,
Hindalco, Tata Steel, DLF, Sterlite Industries, SAIL shares have been
battered by declines in stocks.  However, ONGC, Jindal Steel,
Gail, M & M, Hero Motokorp, gained shares in Cairn India. 

Market Afternoon at 1:30 pm 

stock markets between the slow introduction of IT, technology,
banking, real estate class of stocks beat the Sensex has swayed more
than 200 points. The IIP figures released today in the market
could not energized.  IIP grew by 8.8 percent in June, while 5.6
per cent in May was IIP. 

Market At 11:20 am 

in the markets today upheaval remains the position.  TCS, Wipro,
Tata Motors, Infosys, Bharti Airtel, HDFC Bank, NTPC, HDFC, PNB,
Hindalco, Tata Steel, Sun Pharma shares were down on the edge of the
Nifty is down.  ONGC, ICICI Bank, Jindal Steel, SBI, L & T,
Cairn India, ITC, Hero Motokorp, M & M, Power Grid Corp's shares

Stock Market opening 

mix between global cues, Indian markets open on Friday with an edge. 
Nifty, Tata Motors, BPCL, Hindalco, NTPC 0.11 per cent to 2.10 are
vulnerable.  Nifty was trading 21 points up on 5159.  Asian
markets are showing signs of the mix today. Meanwhile, U.S.
markets on Thursday was an atmosphere of vigorous shopping. Dow
Jones, S & P 500 and Nasdaq Composite closed at a gain of 4 per