Intraday Tips For 29 July 2011

Dear visitor’s, bloodbath in the Indian Stock Market continued for
the 3rd consecutive session. It was an expiry session
market today 28th july by extreme weakness. As I
already forecast ed yesterday that the market may sink further. In a
nutshell, it is such a Market now, where you have to sell in abnormal
higher levels and have to buy in extreme lower panic levels.

Stock Tips For 29 July 2011

1.   AVTNPL (AVT Natural Products Ltd.) : - Buy at 454.80, strict SL
at 445.20, Intraday Target 460-464 Strong Resistance - 469-473-477
Short Term Target 530.


(Union Bank of India) : –  Buy at 287.45, Strict SL at 281.50,
Intraday Target 289-291 (Strong Resistance)-294-296 Short Term
Target 329.


(Delta Corp Ltd.) :–  Buy at 109.70, Strict SL at 106.30,
Intraday Target 111-112.70-114 Short Term Target 120 plus.

Intraday Tips For 28 July 2011

Dear visitor’s, the Indian Stock Markets failed to recover today
27th July from yesterday’s drubbing. The expected
bounce back came in, but it was sadly short-lived. The Stock Market
opened the pre-expiry session in the green, but soon lost ground. The
lethal blow that the Market received yesterday after increment of 50
BPS of Repo and Reverse Repo rates by R.B.I and it’s lingering
effect will persist for some more time. Now most probably Market will
now start testing the lower levels. And again the best strategy for
the Indian Stock Market is sell on abnormal rise and buy in extreme
lower panic levels. Remember, as per the banking Experts there may be
another hike of 25 BPS, which will derail the growth estimates. Now
for the time being 5700 is considered to be a very tough resistance
level of spot Nifty and Supports between 5550 and 5450 are very very
important. If The Markets breaks 5450, then it will collapse and very
soon the level of 5200 will definitely be seen. So the conclusion is,
keeping the sluggish condition of Indian Stock Markets, trade
carefully and book your profit soonest. Last but not the least, I
would like to say, that the present Market is just good for Intraday.
So try to get the benefit by means of intraday trading, if possible.

Stock Tips For 28 July 2011

(Atlas Cycles (Haryana) Ltd.) :- Buy at 453.30, Strict sl at
439.90, Intraday Target 458-466 Strong Resistance -473-480.

2.     ADVANTA
(Advanta India Ltd.):– Buy at 313.90, Strict SL AT 306.95,
Intraday Target 316.20-318 Strong Resistance -325-331-337.

Future Capital Holdings Ltd.):
– Buy at 184.15, Strict SL at 176, Intraday Target 186-188
Strong Resistance -192.

Intraday Tips For 27 July 2011

Dear visitor’s, the Indian equity benchmarks got shattered after
R.B.I. announced more than expected hike in key rates and maintained
a hawkish tone. The sentiment was further dampened as immediate
reaction of banks hinted at increasing base rates, which will hike
interest cost for corporates, as well as individuals. For your
information, the R.B.I increased Repo and reverse Repo Rates by 50
BPS respectively. Since March 2010, This is  the 11th time,
the Central Bank has hiked rates to arrest the rising inflation. the
R.B.I’s hawkish tone also signaled that rate tightening is not over
yet as it said that they would continue with anti-inflationary
stance. Above decision of R.B.I will definitely impact the capex
cycle which is already been slow. But this will actually prevent the
growth more so in fy 2013 but not as much as in the current fiscal
year. So this will have some medium term impact. So, the conclusion
is market will remain range bound for the mid term period and we have
to trade accordingly.

Stock Tips For 27 July 2011

UFLEX (UFLEX Ltd.) :- Buy at 215.50, Strict SL at 213.20,
Intraday Target 217.65-219 Strong Resistance-220.50-222-224 Short
term expected 300+.

AMRUTANJA (Amrutanjan Health Care Ltd.) :– Buy at 940.35,
Strict SL at 921.75,
Intraday Target 950-957 Strong resistance -960-970.

MINDTREE (MindTree Ltd. ) :– Buy at 414.25, Strict SL at
403.10, Intraday Target 417-425 Strong Resistance -429-440.

Intraday Tips For 26 July 2011

Dear visitors, the Indian Equity benchmarks continued their uptrend
for the 2nd consecutive session ahead of R.B.I.
Policy meet tomorrow. It was looking like a consolidation day in the
first half of trade but second half looked quite strong. It seemed
that the Stock Market may have priced in 25 basis points hike in key
rates. It seems to be that the R.B.I. would prefer 25 basis points
hike in key rates but more important would be the statement from
R.B.I. Majority of experts said R.B.I May end the rate tightening
tomorrow and some experts still believe that R.B.I may go for the
rate hike. So Tomorrow is a crucial day for Indian Stock Market. if
R.B.I. Refrain themselves for not increasing the interest rates, then
Market will react very much positively. in case of increment of
interest rate by 25 BPS, Market may take it to be granted. but
anything more than 25 BPS hike, Market will react very much

Stock Tips For 26 July 2011

1.  DLF
(DLF Ltd.) :- Buy at 243.90, Strict sl at 240.75, Intraday
Target 245.90-247 Strong Resistance - 250-254-258

UFLEX (UFLEX Ltd.) :– 
Buy at 222.40, Strict SL at
219.25, Intraday Target 224.40-226 Strong Resistance -227-229 Short
Term Target Expected 240-250.

TATASTEEL (TataSteel Ltd.) : – Buy at 591.25, Strict SL at
588, Intraday Target 596-597.80 (Strong Resistance)-601-604-610
Short Term Target 630-635.

Intraday Tips For Monday 25 July 2011

Dear visitors’s, the Indian Stock Market today 22nd July perked up on the back of strong global cues and never looked back
till the closing bell. Euro zone announced a second bailout package
worth of 109 billion for the greece on thursday, which will reduce
greek debt by 24 percent of GDP. Though the Stock Market rallied well
today and may be it will continue for one or two more days, but the
positive attitude of the Market will not last long and only above
5750 of Spot Nifty the stability of the market will be achieved. Now,
the present characteristic of the Indian Stock Market clearly
indicating, that most of the stock, even the fundamentally good
stocks are also under the grip of Intraday and short term traders and
hence on each up surge the prices of the stocks are pulled back for
heavy profit booking. 

Stock Tips For Monday 25 July 2011

JISLJALEQS (Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd.) :- Buy at 170.35,
Strict SL at 167, Intraday Target 171.40-172.45-173 Strong Resistance

PETRONET (Petronet LNG Ltd.) :– Buy at 175.40, Strict SL at
171.30, Intraday Target 177-178.65 Strong Resistance -180.50.

GSPL (Gujarat State Petronet Ltd.) :– Only for risky Trader’s buy
at 107.75, Strict SL at 103.40, Intraday Target 108.95-110 Strong
Resistance -112-114-116-120.  

Intraday Tips For 22 July 2011

Dear visitors’s, Indian Equity benchmarks today 21stJuly
closed marginally lower amid a choppy trade. In the Morning trade the
Market revolved around it’s previous closing value due to lack of
global cues but the second half of trade was slightly better due to
lower than expected fall in European Markets ahead of EU Summit. In a
nutshell Investors are still cautious on account of European debt
crisis, united states debt default and Inflation. Don’t expect that
Market will go for a positive Bull run very soon. Lot of
Macroeconomic issues are yet to be solved, both domestically as well
as globally.

Stock Tips For 22 July 2011

 (UTV Software Communications Ltd.):- Buy at 864.65, Strict SL
at 855, Intraday Target 872 - 877 Strong Resistance – 884 – 891.

Risk/High gain Intraday Stocks tips

(Atlas Cycles (Haryana) Ltd.) :– Buy at 410.80, Strict SL at 405,
Intraday Target 414-417 Strong Resistance – 420.

(LIC Housing Finance Ltd.) :– Buy at 212.30, Strict SL at 209.60,
Intraday Target 214.15-215 Strong Resistance – 216 -217-218.

(Indiabulls Financial Services Ltd.) – Buy at 180.50, Strict SL at
176, Intraday Target 181-182 Strong Resistance – 185-186.

Intraday Tips For 21 July 2011

Dear visitor’s, Indian Equity benchmarks Today 20thJuly
shaved off Yesterday's gains on Wednesday led by profit booking. The
fall was despite positive global cues post U.S. President Barrack
Obama talks on U.S. Debt rating. It Seemed that Indian Stock Markets
already prices in the NEWS in previous day’s Trade and are looking
for further clarity on U.S. Budget deficit and Euro-Zone Debt Crisis.
Remember, now Global Cues will play An important part on Indian Stock
Market on daily basis. So be cautious and trade carefully.

Stock Tips For 21 July 2011

     1.  VIPIND
(VIP Industries Ltd.) :- Buy at 889.15, Strict SL at 872 For
Delivery and 881 For an Intraday Target of 898-906 Strong
Resistance-915 Short Term Target 940-950.

(Petronet LNG Ltd.) :– Buy at 153.50, Strict SL at 149.50,
Intraday Target 154.40-155.40-156.70 Strong Resistance -158-159 Short
Term Target 165.

Intraday Tips For 20 July 2011

Dear visitor’s after a consolidation since last Friday, the Indian
Stock Market surged into upward direction in the second half of trade
on Today 19th July led by short covering, tracking
positive global cues. The 50-share NSE Nifty went up 46.50 points or
0.84 percent, to settle at 5,613.55 at the closing bell. But it also
to be noted, that Investors are still looking very nervous especially
ahead of Euro zone summit to be held on Thursday. There could be
possibility of 2ndbailout for greece in this summit to
stop spreading debt crisis to other countries like Italy and Spain.
Remember, now Global cues will play again an important part on Indian
Stock Market. So be cautious and trade carefully.

Stock Tips For 20 July 2011

(Atlas Cycles (Haryana) Ltd.) :- Buy at 372.90, Strict SL At
340, Intraday Target 375-380-393 Strong Resistance – 403 – 413 -

(TTK Healthcare Ltd.):– Buy at 516.60, Strict SL at 477,
Intraday Target 522-530-544 Strong Resistance – 558 – 572 -

(AXIS-IT&T Ltd.):– Buy at 105.85, Strict SL at 90,
Intraday Target 107-110-115 Strong Resistance -119-124-127.

Intraday Tips For 19 July 2011

Dear visitor’s Today on 18
th July,
Indian equity benchmarks saw moderate sell-off AMID a Choppy Trade,
tracking fall in Global Markets on profit booking. Market is again in
a consolidation mode and now it could run either way depending on
what kind of solution the European Market and then subsequently the
U.S. Fed Comes up with. Remember Global Cues will play again an
important part on 19
th July
Tomorrow Market. So be Cautious and Trade carefully.

Stock Tips For 19 July 2011

(G M Breweries Ltd.) – Buy At 127.15, Strict SL At 120.10,
Intraday Target 129-132-134 Strong Resistance -137.

(Rural Electrification Corporation Ltd.)–  Buy At 230.15,
Strict SL At 226, Intraday Target 232.15-233.70 (Strong
Resistance)-235-237 Very Short Term Target Expected 240 Plus.

Intraday Tips For Monday 18 July 2011

Dear visitor’s today on 15th July, the equity
benchmark Spot Nifty had a sharp fall in the opening bell and
ultimately failed to cross the Psychological Resistance of 5600 mark
and closed 18 Points lower at 5581 due to lack of major positive
triggers. The main reason seems to be that Market to be in a weekend
mode for your information due to the Global uncertainty, most of the
prudent investors does not like to hold any Stocks on Friday. Also
European uncertainties are the main concern and also their stress
test results are  due today, that’s why Indian Market
Traded in quiet range bound session for the day with a disappointing
close for the week. Don’t expect any fantastic consistent up move
till September. 2011, and till then Market will remain in a range
bound state with usual abrupt volatility.

Stock Tips For Monday 18 July 2011

(SKS Microfinance Ltd. )  -: High beta Stock, so be
careful. Very good for Intraday, but don’t try to hold the Stock –
BUY AT 524.10, Strict SL At 500 First Stop Loss and 492 2
nd Stop
Loss, for An Intraday Target of  534-544-555 Strong
Resistance - 571-576 Book your profit as quick as possible.

ALPHAGEO (Alpha Geo (India) Ltd.) -: Buy at 150.60, Strict SL at
142.50 first SL and 138 2nd SL , for an Intraday
Target of 152-153.80 Strong Resistance -161-165.60-167 Above 168, It
may reach up to 180 , Depending on Market situation.

GITANJALI (Gitanjali Gems Ltd.) -: Buy at 304.50, Strict SL at
299.15, Intraday Target 307-308.50 Strong Resistance -

Intraday Tips For 15 July 2011

Dear visitor’s today on 14th July, Indian Stock
Market after opening initially in a sad note, due to the reaction of
yesterday Mumbai Bomb Blast, took a disappointing U-Turn in mid trade
and ultimately closed flat. The sell off in TCS ahead of results and
Indian Meteorological department comments on monsoon played a
spoilsport and ultimately washed out all gains in the last half an
hour of trade. As per my idea this correction and the abrupt
volatility can be observed in the Market from time to time, till the
month of September 2011, and the reasons are classified.

Stock Tips For 15 July 2011

1.     SUNTV
(Sun TV Network Ltd. ) - Buy At 331.65, Strict SL at 327 1st SL
and 320 2nd SL, for an Intraday target of
334-335.75-339 Strong Resistance -344-350-355 Don’t try to hold the
stock, at any case you have to square up the deal at the end.

2.     UTVSOF
(UTV Software Communications Ltd.) – Buy At 837.15, Strict SL
at 828 1st SL and 824 2nd SL, For an Intraday Target
of 844-846 Strong Resistance -849-851-856.

3.     AVTNPL
(AVT Natural Products Ltd.) – Buy At 314.30, Strict SL at 305
1st SL and 300 2nd SL, For an Intraday Target of
318-323 Strong Resistance -328-333-345.

Intraday Tips For 14 July 2011

1.     DLF
(DLF Ltd.) – Buy at 227.20, Strict SL at 224, Intraday Target
229.25-230.50 Strong Resistance – 232.20-233.80.

2.     HDIL
Development & Infrastructure Ltd.
– Buy at 162.05, Strict SL at 160.25, Intraday Target
163.45-163.60 Strong Resistance – 164.40-165.20-166-168.

3.     SESAGOA
(Sesa Goa Ltd.) – Buy
at 286.60, Strict SL at 282.90, Intraday Target 288.85-290 Strong
Resistance - 291-294

Airtel Ltd.
– Buy at 394.90, Strict SL at 388.40, Intraday Target 396.10-397.30
Strong Resistance -399.30-401-403

Intraday Tips For 13 July 2011

Intraday Stock Tips For 13 July 2011


Larsen & Toubro Ltd.
Sell 1775
stop loss
Target - 1765 - 1745.

TV (Sun TV Network Ltd.) Sell Below 305

stop loss 309 Target – 295 – 290.

Intraday Tips For 8 July 2011

1. Sesa
Goa (
Goa Ltd.
Buy At 296, Intraday Target - 303-306, Strict SL At 290. 
Resistance At  310.

2. Lupin
Buy At 463, Intraday Target - 472 - 477, Strict SL At 457 
Resistance At 483.

3. Rel
Infra (
Infrastructure Ltd.
Buy At 591 Intraday Target - 600 – 606 Strict SL At 584. 
Resistance At  610 - 615

Intraday Tips For 7 July 2011

Stock Tips For 7 July :-

(Aban Offshore Ltd.) – Buy At 545, Strict SL at 534, Intraday
Target of 550 – 555.

2. NESCO (Nesco
Ltd.) – Buy At - 653 , Strict SL at - 648, Intraday
Target of 662 - 666 .

3. RELIANCE (Reliance
Industries Ltd
. )
– Sell At 854, Strict SL at 
Intraday Target of 846 - 848.

Intraday Tips For 6 July 2011

Saw Ltd
.) –
Buy At - 164
Strict SL at -
Intraday Target of 167 - 170



Industries Ltd
) – Sell At 685, Strict SL at
Intraday Target of 830 - 815.

Intraday Tips For 5 July 2011

Stock Tips For 5 July :-

HOSPITALS (Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd.) – Buy At 499,
Strict SL at 492, Intraday Target of 505 – 507.


MphasiS Ltd.)
– Buy At -
458 ,
Strict SL at -
Intraday Target of 463

Offshore Ltd
) – Buy At 538, Strict SL at 525, Intraday Target of 545-550-565.