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 Market View Today 30 Sept :- Lastbusiness day of the week the market is opened up with nearly 1 percent.Sensex down 98 points, 16 600 and Nifty fell 25 points to 4990are open.  The more weak banks, power, realty stocks haveseen. Bank, power, realty stocks have declined by 1 per cent. IT, oil & gas, auto, consumer goods, metal, FMCG stocks fall 0.75to 0.50 per cent. However, consumer durables stocks is up 0.5percent.  By Coal India, Wipro, M & M, all shares aretrading in red. Hindalco, JP Associates, Dielf, Tata Motors isdown 1.5 per cent.  2-in-law fraud Anil Ambani's Reliance ADAGstocks on news of the investigation has weakened. RelianceCapital, Reliance Infrastructure, Reliance Communications is in the 6per cent.  Asian markets mixed business is. Intraday Tips Nikkei,Jakarta, has ended in Cospi. The Shanghai Composite, Hang Sang,Straits Times, Singapore Nifty weakness.  GDP growth rate andunemployment in America at reports of rising momentum in themarkets Dow Jones and S & P 500 closed at 1 percent. However, reports of US-listed Chinese companiesinvestigated by the Nasdaq Composite lost 0.5 percent. Intraday Tips

Intraday Tips  For 30 Sept 2011

1.   DivijLab                  Buy Target - 765 - 772, Stoploss - 750

2.   FortisHealthcare   Buy Target - 134,         Stoploss - 122

3.   AbanOffshore       Sell Target - 340 350,  Stoploss - 375 

Intraday Tips | Market View

Intraday Tips :- Todaythe Intraday Market is looking sluggish. Sensex down 9 points at16 151, Nifty at 4967 levels. DLF to underperform the Sensex is inred. All other Sensex stocks are strong.  HCL Tech is themost robust IT stocks. HCL Tech shares are up 4 percent. FMCG, consumer durables, oil and gas stocks are upslightly. Healthcare, Realty, Power, auto, bank, consumer goodsand metal stocks looks weak.

IntradayStock Tips

1. JPAssociates Buy For 1 – 3 Days Target – 74 - 77 , stoploss -Rs 71.

2. Canara Bank Buy For 3 – 4 Days Target - 453,Stoploss - 429.
3. Kern India Buy For 3 – 4 Target - 295, Stoploss - 275. 

Intraday Tips

Intraday Tips :- Thespectacular opening markets has acquired 1.5 per cent. Sensex up238 points 16 289 up 72 points and Nifty  to open 4905 .  Allstocks are shopping. The fastest real estate, consumer durablesand banking stocks are showing. Intraday Tips Prone to slump in themetals stocks have been shopping. 3.25 per cent, Hindalco,Sterlite Industries 3 per cent,  IfJindal Steel rose 1 per cent.  Tata Motors, DLF, JaiprakashAssociates strength is more than 3 per cent. Crude oil pricesfall slightly due to the shares of BPCL.  Asian markets aretrading with strength of 2 to 3.5 per cent.  Monday's responsewas shopping in the U.S. markets and Dow Jones closed above 11,000. Intraday Tips

Stock Intraday  Tips For 27 September 2011

  • PNBBuy For 2-3 Days, Stoploss – 960 Target – 1010 - 1025

  • UnionBank Buy For 2-3 Days Stoploss – 245 Target – 260 - 270 

  • Bankof India Buy For 3–5 Days Stoploss – 290 Target – 315 – 325

  • TataSteel Buy For 3–5 Days Stoploss – 425 Target – 445 - 460

Intraday Tips

Intraday Stock Tips For Monday 26 September 2011

intraday tips
ShriramTransport Buy at 625 , Stoploss 600 Target - 650 – 670.

MarutiSuzuki Buy at 1100, Stoploss - 1080 Target - 1150 – 1200.

SterliteIndustries Sell at 122, stoploss - Rs 125 , Target - Rs 118. 

HDFC Bank Buy at 460, Stoploss 445 Target - 485 – 510.  Intraday Tips

i own a lot of socks

i own a lot of socks

Intraday Tips

Intraday Tips
intraday tips

Stock Market Updates

Asianmix of signals between the Indian stock markets open on Tuesday overthe edge.  BSE in the IT, technology classes have been Intraday strengthened 1.57 percent to 1.29.  Sensex up 124 points at 9:20am at 16 869, while the Nifty was trading 36 points up on 5068. Asian markets are now signs of a mix.The expenses of Greece decidedto return after shopping at Wall Street. Therefore, to withstandthe U.S. market crash survived. Intraday Tips

IntradayStock Tips For 20 September 2011

Indiabulls Real Estate Buyfor 2 to 3 days  Target - 90 , stoploss - 79.

VIP Industries Buy  Target - 1020, stoploss - 930.

DLF Sell For 2 to 3 days Target - Rs 194, stoploss - Rs 211

Intraday Tips

Intraday Tips

Stock Tips For Monday 19 September 2011

AbanOffshore Buy at 393, Stoploss 388 Target - 410 - 418

GAILIndia Buy at - 430 Stoploss - 421 Target - 445 – 455

IOC Buy at - 313, Stoploss – 307 Target - 323 - 332  Intraday Tips

Intraday Stock Market Update

intraday tips

Intraday Tips Stock Market :- Onthe last trading day of the week, investors have shown greatenthusiasm. Sensex up 148 points at 17024 and Nifty 5113 are up 38points.  Maruti Suzuki plant at Gurgaon in the news to end thestrike quickly returned.Shares down nearly 2 percent on the openMaruti Suzuki is strong.  ONGC, Tata Motors is still in theshopping environment. NTPC 3 per cent, 2.5 per cent, Tata Power,Sterlite Industries 2.7 per cent, 2 per cent of HDFC, TCS has climbed1.75 percent.  However, shares of JP Associates has lost itsearly lead. JP Associates is the weakness of nearly 0.5 percent.  Intraday Tips

Marketinvestors are buying heavily. Sensex and Nifty have seen upnearly 1 percent.  Sensex up 197 points 17 074 up 42 points andNifty is at 5118 levels. BSE Midcap index and Smallcap index isup 0.5 percent.  However, ONGC FPO of the first news of BHELBHEL's shares fall 0.35 per cent.  Tata Motors has strengthenedabout 5 per cent. Tata Power, NTPC, Sterlite Industries, DLF,Hindalco is up to 2-2.5 per cent.  Besides Infosys, MarutiSuzuki, Bharti Airtel, Hindustan Unilever has also declined. Intraday Tips

Due to strong globalcues, Indian markets have also started along the edge.Sensex up 172points and Nifty 17 048 up 9 points to 5123 are open.  Midcapand Smallcap stocks also Fisldi strength is about 0.5. Oil &Gas, IT, metal, realty and power stocks are making the fastest. Expected to decide on ONGC FPO showing the stock is up strongly. ONGCis the strength of the 6 per cent.  The fear of recession byreducing Sterlite Industries, Jindal Steel, Tata Steel is strong asmetals stocks.  Is the greatest weakness in the shares of MarutiSuzuki. Intraday Tips

Intraday Tips

Europeanstock markets Thursday between positive signals from the upheaval ofthe last full session of the Indian market picked up in hours andended with gains.  ReserveBank credit policy announced yesterday will. Before the earlyhours today in the market was directionless. But hours later,realty, bank, IT, technology, auto class picked the stocks and markettrends has become increasingly.  ByTata Motors, DLF, SBI, Sterlite Industries, Bharti Airtel, theleading companies in Labe.  Sensex up 166 points at 16 876, up63 points while the Nifty closed at 5075. Intraday Tips

StockMarket at 1:30pm 


Indianstock market upheaval of the situation.  Nifty, TCS, Infosys,SBI, GAIL, Tata Motors, DLF, Kotak Mahindra, Wipro, Cairn Indiashares edge.  ONGC, L & T, NTPC, Maruti Suzuki, ITC, TataSteel, Acul, BHEL, Sun Pharma, ICICI Bank's shares have declined. BSE Realty group in the group is stronger than two and a half percent. IT stocks are too fast.  Reserve Bank credit policyannounced yesterday will. Markets await the announcement. Thenthe market will take a direction.  Sensexup 51 points on 16 760, while the Nifty is trading at 5036 up 24points. Intraday Tips


Stock Market Opening 

Positive Asian cues between the Indian stock markets open onedge on Thursday.  In BSE Realty, IT groups have beenstrengthened 1.20 percent to 1.14.  Sensex up 94 points at 9:17am at 16 804, while the Nifty was trading 25 points up on 5037. Asian markets are positive signs today. Meanwhile, U.S. stocksmanaged to close on the third day of gains. Speculation ofEurope to solve the debt crisis returned to shopping in the Sothe U.S. market closed up 1.25 to 1.6 per cent.  Intraday Tips


Stock Market  :- In Intraday stockmarket recovered sharply on Wednesday to show off. The marketalso ignored the rise in inflation today.  IT stocks have greatspeed.  Nifty Intraday Jaiprakash Associates, Infosys, HCL Tech, Wipro,Axis Bank was the fastest. Jaiprakash Associates stock up 6 percent faster.  BSE IT Class 4 per cent stronger in thegroup. Technique, the metal rose more than 2 per class. European equity markets also received good response to domesticmarkets.  Sensex up 242 points at 16 709, while the Nifty rose71 points to close at 5012. Intraday

Intraday Stock Market Updates 14 Sept 2011

Intraday Tips

intraday tips
Stock Market Updates :- Indianstock exchanges weakened Wednesday's early Asian trading signals withmoderate fluctuation recorded. IT is looking to buystocks.  In BSE CG, Power,Bank weakened 0.42 percent to 0.61 are square.  Sensex down 50points at 9:15 am 16 416, while the Nifty lost 12 points, was tradingat 4928. Asian markets are undermined and signs. Meanwhile,the U.S. market between fast Advertisement Tonight the secondconsecutive day. Materials stocks gained strongly over shoppingon the strength of the U.S. market closed 1.5 per cent.However,investors still see the remains of the European crisis. Intraday Tips

Intraday US Market Updates

Intraday Tips Stronglyin the last hour of trading day on the strength of shopping in theU.S. market were able to stop on green.  Dow Jones 69 points, iethe consolidation of 0.6 per cent to close at 11 061. 1.10 percent, ie 27 points while the Nasdaq closed at 2,495 level. Inaddition, S & P 500 index gained 0.7 percent to minus 8 points toclose at 1162.27.Intraday Tips

Intraday Tips

intraday tips

Intraday Tips :- Lowerlevels to get a little shopping at the market's decline. However,consumer durables, metals, IT and banking stocks to sell in theIndian market is seeing a decline of 2 per cent.  The BSE30-share Sensex fell 353 points, is trading at about 16 513. The50-share benchmark index of the NSE Nifty is trading at 118 pointsfall of 4940. Intraday Tips  In the business market, the Jindal Steel, TataSteel, Hindalco and Sterlite Industries stocks like giant metalsector declined from 3.2 to 4.5 per cent. ICICI Bank, SBI, HDFCand HDFC Bank leading banks is looking weak in the 1 to 3.8 percent. Jaiprakash Associates, Bajaj Auto, Tata Motors, Wipro, Bharti Airtel,Maruti, Infosys, L & T, TCS, Reliance Industries, DLF, BHEL, M &M, Tata Power, ITC, NTPC, Hero Motokorp, Coal India and ONGC in theselling pressure dominatedis. WhileHUL is seeing growth of about 4 per cent. Ciplaalso has registered 1 per cent strength. 

IntradayStock Tips 13 September 2011

HINDUNILVR  Buy At 350 Stoploss - 343 Target - 357 - 363.

WIPRO Ltd.      Sell At 322 Stoploss 326 Target - 315 - 310.
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Intraday Global Stock Market Updates

Intraday Tips 
intraday tips
Stock Market Updates  :- Beginningof the week is not good for Asian markets. Major indices inearly trading in Asian Stock Markets has declined from 2 to 3.5 percent. Today's China, Korea and Taiwan markets are closed. That's 2 percent fall issue of Nikkei 175 is trading at 8562.47.Shanghai Composite has seen a slight decline.  Nifty 85.50points at 4957.50 is away. Straits Times 64 points, ie 2.3 percent over the weakness is trading at 2761 levels. Intraday Tips

Stock Market Trend

StockMarket Trend

stock market trend
Less than 5 per cent of the IIP would be amatter of concern. Also on Thursday second quarter advance taxfigures can get the Stock Market Trend.  should not just investin IT stocks. Fando Midcap stocks which such shares are not tradingmuch can be invested in them.  Known international economistBen Bernanke, Qi 3 brings the most benefit, it would not be America,but will increase inflation in countries such as India and China. Qi 3 for the emerging markets and India is better not to come, willlower inflation in developing countries like China. Indian Stock Markets can rapidly return to low inflation.  Free Market Alerts

Intraday Tips

Intraday Tips

Intraday Tips

intraday tips
Intraday Stock Tips For Monday 12 September 2011

1. Chambal Fertilisers BuyTarget - 121 Stoploss  112 

2. Gujarat State Petronet Limited Buy Target 118 stoploss  - 108

Intraday Tips
3. VIP Indstry BuyTarget - 1025  Stoploss - 940

4. Gitanjali Gems Buy Target - Rs 340  Stoploss - 326

5. Delta Korp Buy Target - Rs 111  Stoploss - 96

Stock Market Updates

Intraday Tips 

intraday tips

Stock Market Updates:- Concernsabout the economy of the United States dominate the world. Profoundinfluence on European and Indian markets today show and all-roundselling pressure, Sensex lost 17 thousand level.  BSE group wasmuch weaker in the metal category 3 per cent, while IT, banks, oiland gas group with 2 per cent weaker.  Intraday Tips Veteran shares beatendown stocks over the short and medium.  Nifty companies led bylosses in Reliance Communications, Ambuja Cements, Hindalco, SterliteIndustries, SAIL's.  HUL, Hero Motokorp, ONGC, HDFC, BajajAuto's shares gained.  Sensex lost 298 points to 16 866, whilethe Nifty closed at 5059 down 93 points. Reliance Industries,TCS, Infosys, SBI, SAIL, Sterlite Industries, ICICI Bank, L & T,BHEL, ITC, HDFC Bank, NTPC has battered stocks in the Nifty to fall. Two per cent of BSE in the IT class is weak, while the metal is muchweaker than 2 per class.  Sensex lost 234 points to 16 931,while the Nifty is trading at 5080 down 72 points.  Intraday Tips

Intraday International Market Updates

IntrdayTips InterntionalMarket Updates  9 Sep :- The decline in U.S. market is seeing the impact ofthe Asian markets. In early trading in Asian markets are tradingmixed.  Nikkei 8 points with the slight edge has reached thelevel of 8801. So while the Hang Seng 150 points with 0.75 percent is trading at 20 063. Shanghai Composite up 22.66 points to2521.60, ie around 1 per cent level is reached.  However SGXNifty slight decline of 4.5 points is trading at 5157.50.  Koreaindex 0.4 percent in the Korean market looks weak. Straits Timeshas reported a decline of 4 points. Intraday Tips

Intraday Tips 9 September 2011

Intraday Tips

IntradayStock Tips For 9 September 2011

1. Investors maintain investmentin Ranbaxy. Instead of just making new investments in stock investor to wait until fall to Rs 20-25.

2. Dena Bank should not buy atcurrent levels. But risk-taking with stoploss of Rs 86 toinvestors who can invest in Dane bank. 

3. Reliance Industries may seelevels of Rs 900. Share to Rs 700-750, but the stock was upslightly so it's hard to say it will remain strong. The stockshould not invest in the new profit but should be around Rs 850-900.

Intraday International Market Updates

Intraday :- U.S. markets bounce and creditcrisis in Europe, despite the tension in theAsian markets are trading mixed. In earlytrading the Nikkei 57.56 points, ie 0.66 percent is trading at 8820.97. 19884 163.46 points, ie 0.8 per cent fall inthe Hang Seng is tradingat. The Shanghai Composite fell by 0.15 percent is trading at 2512. 5122 with modest gain of 2 points while the Nifty Sjiaks level is reached. Kospiindex up 0.25per cent of the Korean market weakness is tradingat 1829 levels.In Straits Times declined 0.25per cent, while Taiwan's index with the 7557 levelof0.4 per cent is reached. Intraday

Intraday Tips For 8 September 2011

Intraday Tips Stock Tips For 8 Sep :-

intraday tips
DrReddy Sell Below 1460, Stoploss - 1490. Target - 1400,

Thestock showed a down move during the trading hour and closed onnegative note. The major trend presently in the stock is sideways.The stock is now facing resistance at 1520 and has support at 1460.As the stock closed on negative note a further down movement can beseen in the stock once it breaks its support level.  Intraday tips
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Intraday Stock Market Updates 7 Sep 2011


Intraday :- PositiveAsian cues to lead the Indian stock markets open on Wednesday. BSE Group Realty, bank, oil & gas, 0.90 per cent to 1.45 CG classwas strong.  Reliance Industries, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, L &T shares are up.  Sensex up 137 points at 9:17 am at 17000 whileNifty was trading 36 points up on 5100.  Asian markets arepositive signs today. The United States fears of recessiondeepened the market has seen selling pressure. But lower levelson the strength of the strong recovery in the U.S. market fell only 1per cent.  Intraday

Intraday Tips 7 Sep 2011

Intraday Tips

intraday tips
Intraday Stock  Tips For 7 September 2011

WIPRO Technical View For 7 September

In today's trading session, the stockmoved in an upward rally and made a high of 330.The major trend inthe stock is bearish. In upcoming session it is expected to test itssupport level again .It now has next support level at 312 andresistance level at 330.

TCS Technical View For 7 September

In today's trading session, the stockconsolidates with positive biasness and made a high of 1042. Inupcoming session, some more positive rally can be expected. Atpresent the major trend in the stock is bullish only. It now hasnext resistance level at 1045 and support level at 1026 .

Stock Market Trend

stock market

Stock market Updates :- Today Minorstroke a day after the stock market came back strongly again todaySensex and Nifty today once again managed to climb up nearly 1percent. Nifty closed above 5050.  The BSE 30-share Sensexclosed at 16862.81 with a gain of 149.48 points. The 50-sharebenchmark index of the NSE Nifty closed at 5064.30 up 47.10 pointsbounce.  Also gained broader but less than veterans. Becauseof today's greatest strength is in the stock market to recoup theEuropean markets. European markets which opened the Indianmarket with 1 per cent faster than the red came in green.RelianceIndustries also pushed his offering to the market today. Reliance Industries today's session closed with 4.5 per cent. InM & M was up 3.5 percent. Infosys, Jindal Steel, JaiprakashAssociates, Sterlite Industries, BHEL, Tata Motors, Maruti, ONGC, L &T, Wipro, Hindalco, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Cipla and HDFC Bank closedwith a strength of 0.5 to 2.75 per cent.  The DLF was down 4 percent fall. In addition, Sun Pharma, Bharti Airtel, Bajaj Auto,SBI, NTPC, Coal India, Tata Power and 0.5 to 2.5 per cent in theweakness of Hero Motokorp registered. Stock Market

Intraday Tips Stock Market Updates 6 Sep 11

Intraday Tips

intraday tips

StockMarket Updates :- Sharp decline in stock markets around the worldsince the beginning of the Indian markets has been accompanied byweakness. IT, Technology, Mater and power stocks witnessedselling pressure in stocks is. But consumer durables andhealthcare stocks have seen the light shopping.  In earlytrading the BSE 30-share Sensex down 47 points, is trading at 16666.The 50-share benchmark index of the NSE Nifty is trading at 20points away in 4997.  In the business market, the Wipro, TCS andInfosys IT giants such as 1 to 1.6 per cent in stocks hasdeclined. DLF, Tata Steel, Hindalco, ICICI Bank, BHEL, HDFCBank, Bharti Airtel, Coal India, Reliance Industries, SBI, and SunPharma are seeing weakness in the 0.5-1 per cent.  However,Maruti, Bajaj Auto, Tata Motors and Hero Motokorp auto giants such as0.5 to 2.8 per cent in stocks recorded strong. Besides, ONGC,Tata Power, L & T, Cipla and NTPC is seen shopping.  4-5 percent growth in the European markets on the Asian markets have had animpact. 0.5 to 1.25 percent in early trade indices in the Asianmarket is seeing weakness.  

Stock Market Update 5 Sep 2011

Intraday Tips StockMarket Update 

Speed ​​of the fast growing Asian Markets to see theeffect of the Indian Stock Market is clear.  IT, technology andoil and gas stocks declined in the selling pressure in themarket. But consumer durables, realty and auto stocks have beenshopping at the market's downward pressure.  Infosys in thebusiness market in the meantime there is the weakness of 3 percent. HDFC, ONGC, TCS and Sterlite Industries shares recorded inthe 2-2.5 per cent. Reliance Industries has broken the 2 percent.  Hindalco, BHEL, Wipro, NTPC, Tata Power, ICICI Bank, ITC,Coal India, HDFC Bank, Tata Motors, Sun Pharma, Cipla and HUL haveseen weakness in the 0.5 to 1.9 per cent. However, 3.5 per centrecorded in Motokorp hero. In addition, Jindal Steel, M & M,Bajaj Auto, Tata Steel, L & T, SBI and Jaiprakash Associates havealso seen shopping.  The BSE 30-share Sensex down 200 points, istrading at 16 621. The 50-share benchmark index of the NSE Niftyis trading at 58 points away in 4981.  

Intraday Stock Tips

Market at 10:30pm
Market is not slowing down. All except theselling pressure on stocks of consumer durables.  Sensex down213 points 16 608 and the Nifty down 62 points at the level of4977. Veteran shares - with the midcap and smallcap stocks areselling.  The highest decline is seen in IT stocks. Around3 per cent, Infosys, TCS 2 per cent, 1 per cent of Wipro's weak. HeroMotokorp, Tata Steel, Jindal Steel and Bajaj Auto among the Sensexstocks are weak. Reliance Industries 2.5 per cent, 2.3 per centof HDFC, BHEL 2 per cent, 2 per cent of Hindalco, Sterlite Industriesare down 2 percent.  

Nifty Intraday Tips

Market opening
Indianstock markets open on Monday with weakness. BSE Group IT, realtygroups are weakened 1.56 percent to 1.30. Medium, there islittle selling pressure on stocks. Nifty DLF, Hindalco, TCS,Reliance Capital, Infosys 2.04 per cent to 2.81 are vulnerable. Sensex down 147 points at 9:18 am at 16 673, while the Nifty lost 52points, was trading at 4987. Asian markets are showing signs ofweak today.   

Intraday Tips International Market Updates 5 Sep


markets slump deepened of America were down crisis. Indices of
the first trading day of the week, Asian markets are seeing a decline
of 5-3 per cent.  That's 1.7 percent fall issue Nikkei 153 is
trading at 8797.89. Hang Seng 453 points, ie 2.25 per cent, the
weakness is trading at 19 760. Shanghai Composite down 39.50
points, ie 1.6 per cent is trading at 2488.64.  Nifty is looking
weak and it is at the level of 4965.Korean Kospi index 53.56 points,
ie 2.9 per cent market fall is trading at 1814.19.Taiwan Straits
Times index has declined 2.5 percent.

Stock Tips

Intraday Tips Stock Market Trend For Monday 5 Sep 11

Market Trend 5 Sep :- 
speed and strength in the market for investors to wait a bit. 
The sharp drop in overseas markets, the effect on Monday for an
appearance in the Indian Stock market can be found. But it will
not fall much.  Sensex will be below the level of 4700. Indian
Stock market like returns, but now it's time to increase the pace of
India's Reform. Inflation still remains a concern. lower job
opportunities in the United States did not push.  The U.S.
Federal Reserve may soon announce the third stimulus. FII
investment in India and other markets can lead to Imrjin.

Intraday Tips For Monday 5 Sep 2011

Intraday Stock Tips For 5 September 2011

1. Bajaj
Electricals  Buy at 200, Target - Rs 250, stoploss – 192.60

2. Divij
Lab  Buy at 740, Target - Rs 755, stoploss - Rs 720

3. Apollo
Tyres  Buy at , Target - Rs 63, stoploss - Rs 57.50

Intraday Tips

Nifty Intraday Tips

Intraday Tips International Market Update

 International Market Update 4
days is increasingly visible in American markets have been on the
brakes.U.S. markets closed 1 to
1.25 per cent clearing. In fact in America today in the market
before the jobs data, which Wall Street profit pressures have
declined.  Dow Jones fall 120 points, ie 1 per cent to close at
11493.57. The Nasdaq fell 33.42 points, to minus 1.3 percent, to
close at 2,546 levels. In addition, S & P 500 Index 14.47
points to weakness, ie 1.2 per cent to close at 1204.42.